Tips to Boost your Website’s SEO Ranking

12Mar, 2017

It’s hard to rank on Google or any other search engine, to be honest. But having said that, it’s not really impossible. Most people running a website are prone to making a number of mistakes, and that is not at all unusual. So that people reading this are spared from making the same mistakes, we are listing a couple of ranking tips. Make sure you follow these for sometimes because it takes time to see the results of the efforts you are putting in.

Relevant Content is What One Needs

One of the things that usually bring down a website or never allows them to take off is when the website provide irrelevant content, or the website owner has no plan or strategy on the content they’ll be putting out. So come up with a content plan and then execute it.

Analyze what is working on the website what isn’t and then change the plan accordingly. Write more of things that people love to read, and less of the things that people are visiting your site finds useless.

Mind the URL

Keeping the entire heading in the URL is a bad idea. Just for the basic keywords and add more keywords even if it’s not present in the heading. This one really comes under on-page SEO which you should be considering gravely.

Many people make the mistake of avoiding on-page, but on-page is something like the foundation of a website, on which the site is built. One must take it seriously and do what needs to be done. There are several experts on the matter who have written extensively, so you need not be lost on the matter.

Are You Writing the Meta Description

The meta description is another ignored aspect of SEO, but the fact is, it can help your website rank. One can write the meta description by installing the Yoast SEO plugin. You should be able to see a place of the meta description by the end when you are drafting a post.

What the meta description does is tells the Google search engines along with other search engines what the post is about. Make sure you use the primary keywords but just don’t go overboard.

Do Not Ignore the Social Media

Another grave mistake several websites owners make is by ignoring the social media. The platforms are already too crowded which is why it is often thought that being active on social media will be of no use because one cant generates traffic from that kind of saturate platform. But there is tactic one can pull off to draw attention.

Besides being active on social media really improve your website ranking because it reflects good SEO, sends out social media signals that search engines really like.

Do Not Ignore the Mobile Application Either

People these days love downloading apps and spending their time there. Almost half of the time people spend on their phone, spend browsing application.

One must take advantage of this trend. If you have a chance to build an app for your brand go for it. Maintaining it. See that it gets good reviews on Google Play Store. Otherwise, people won’t use it.

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