Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Ensure every aspect of your social media presence is working as hard as possible for your business. Discover the secret to generating a strong and ongoing ROI from your social spend, with the leading social media optimisation experts in India.

Cutting-Edge Social Media Optimisation in India

Social media optimisation covers a broad range of strategies and techniques, each implemented to boost the ROI on your social spend. An effective SMO strategy can significantly enhance the authority, appeal and general performance of any online business. Best of all, efficient social media optimisation can drive vast quantities of qualified traffic directly to your primary website.

SMO is all about boosting brand awareness and creating an engaging online presence. A successful social media optimisation strategy nurtures engagement and loyalty in a predetermined target audience. Build trust and familiarity within your target market and the rest takes care of itself. It’s simply way of determining how to stand out from the crowd, with such phenomenal competition on the world’s leading social networks.

Melinkos is proud to offer the most flexible, affordable and effective social media optimisation services in India. Whatever your business type and budget, we’ll devise a bespoke solution that takes your marketing ROI to the next level. Book your obligation-free consultation with one of our SMO specialists today.

Why You Should Invest in Social Media Optimization?

These days, almost every business and consumer in the world has at least a handful of social media accounts. However, only a select few are able to stand out and make their voices heard. This is where the power of social media optimization lies.

  • By boosting your credibility, authority and perceived value, it becomes easier to engage and influence your target audience. Ultimately resulting in more traffic and more conversions.
  • Social media optimization can help you gain and retain a competitive edge. A proactive SMO campaign is the only way to remain one step ahead of your rivals.
  • Social media provides satisfied customers with the perfect platform to spread the word about your business. Effective SMO means more shares, more recommendations and more exposure.
  • A comparatively affordable marketing strategy, social media optimization has the potential to deliver an unbeatable and ongoing ROI.

Just a few of the reasons why you need Melinkos in your corner. Whether new to social media or looking to improve the performance of an existing strategy, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Next Level Social Media Optimization in India

All social media optimization activities are implemented to ensure your business and your website appear most prominently on the world’s foremost platforms. Most consumers and B2B audiences worldwide now rely on social media to find, research and do business with companies like yours.

Here at Melinkos, our experience and expertise extend to all major and niche social networks worldwide. Including but not limited to the following market-leading platforms:


Facebook remains the largest and most popular social network on the web, with approximately 2.2 billion active users. Quite simply, the most extraordinary marketing and promotional platform of the 21st century.


Once a relatively humble photo sharing platform, Instagram is now one of the most popular, powerful and influential social networks on Earth. More than 800 million monthly active users and counting.


Recent years have seen Twitter come into its own as a powerful, high-impact marketing platform for the dynamic modern business. Simple yet effective, with the potential to deliver an incredible ROI on your social spend.


Pinterest has become a haven for influencers and innovative advertisers, attracting hundreds of millions of users from all over the world and an enormous base of established businesses.


A unique social platform for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn has to date welcomed more than 467 million members from all over the world. An ideal platform for strategic B2B marketing and brand development.


The largest and most popular online video platform by a considerable margin, YouTube provides the opportunity to capitalize on the single most engaging form of marketing content in the world – creative video.

Whether looking for all-round support with a social media optimization strategy or a simple one-off consultation, we’re standing by to hear from you. Contact Melinkos today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Start Your Social Journey to Date

As competition grows increasingly ferocious, simply owning and operating social profiles isn’t enough. It takes a proactive approach to capitalize on the unique reach, power and influence of the world’s most prominent social networks.

With Melinkos, your business will benefit from the expert consultancy and technical support needed to transform your social performance. Whatever your objectives and budget, we’ll do whatever it takes to create a bespoke SMO strategy for your business at a price you can afford.

We’re standing by to show you the true power of dynamic social media optimization. Contact Melinkoss today to book your obligation-free consultation.

Social Media Optimization FAQ's

SMO is the abbreviation of Social Media Optimization. It helps in optimizing the social media activities of your company. SMO enhances the visibility of your company’s profile on social media. SMO keeps the people engaged in your company’s website. It compels others to share your content with other people on the social media platform. SMO can refer to the software tools that do this process automatically for you. SMO can also refer to the website experts who work on such projects for their clients. The main aim of SMO is to promote your website on social media and increase the traffic of your website.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc, have become the most visited sites on the internet. If you have a significant presence here, it might go a long way in advertising your business globally. This results in not just more traffic but better conversions also as this is not a direct selling but interest-based engagement.

Social media optimization is a natural extension of SEO. Search engine optimization helps you market your site through search engines while SMO strengthens your brand image across the high traffic social media platforms on the internet.

Social media optimization has a positive impact on your rankings as it boosts your rankings by getting high quality links to your site. Such links being natural and organic, search engines loves them too.

Our packages offer Facebook, Instagram , Flickr, Linkedin, Blog set up, Twitter and a lot more. These are few of the most important social media sites and offer the biggest benefits too. If you require, we can add custom services to the package.

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