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Pay Per Click advertising is an efficient and cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website, while capitalising on the most competitive keywords. Let Melinkos drive your PPC campaign and deliver the best possible ROI on your marketing spend.

Dynamic PPC Management Services in India

As a leading PPC management service in India, we know what it takes to transform even the most modest marketing budgets into outstanding digital strategies. Melinkos offers a complete range of PPC services for small and large businesses alike, including Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Advertising, PPC Remarketing, Video Advertising and more.

Pay Per Click advertising provides businesses with the opportunity to jump straight to the top of the SERP rankings for competitive keywords. Best of all, an effective PPC campaign is capable of delivering instantaneous results. Implemented as part of a wider digital strategy, PPC can drive highly-targeted traffic directly to your website at an affordable price.

If you lack the knowledge and experience necessary to capitalise on the power of PPC, we’re standing by with the support you need. Contact India’s leading PPC management team today to book your obligation-free consultation.

What Are the Benefits of PPC?

Working with Melinkos, your business will benefit from a multi-dimensional PPC campaign that extends to the major search engines, the world’s leading social networks and elsewhere. Just a few of the benefits of an effective Pay Per Click advertising campaign are as follows:

Rapid Results

Your PPC strategy will begin directing targeted traffic to your website the very moment it is implemented. No waiting around for the campaign to reach fruition – your ads are immediately positioned at the top of the SERP rankings for your chosen keywords and search terms.

Extraordinary Exposure

PPC can take exposure to an entirely new level, bypassing the organic listings in their entirety and positioning you right at the top of the page. With PPC, you’re guaranteed to attract the attention of your target audience, over and above any of the links featured below.

Cost-Effective Advertising

One of the biggest benefits of Pay Per Click marketing is its affordability. Along with assigning a finite length for the campaign to avoid overspending, you only pay for the clicks you receive. If nobody clicks your ads, you don’t pay a penny – no risk and nothing to lose.

Qualified Traffic

By carefully selecting the keywords your campaign will be built upon, you’re able to target the most qualified leads and bring valuable traffic to your website. All of which adds up to greater potential for improved conversion rates.

Total Transparency

Every aspect of a PPC marketing campaign can be meticulously tracked, measured and analyzed from start to finish. Every step of the way, you’ll know exactly how your campaign is performing and what kind of ROI your marketing spend is generating.

Extensive PPC Experience and Expertise

The key to successful PPC advertising varies from one sector and business type to the next. Here at Melinkos, our experience and expertise extend to a wide variety of specialist PPC areas, including but not limited to the following:

eCommerce PPC Services : If you sell products of any kind online, PPC should form an essential part of your wider digital strategy. An effective ecommerce PPC strategy can direct qualified prospects (who’ve demonstrated their intention to buy ) directly to your product pages. Whether selling locally, nationally or an international level, we’ll do whatever it takes to improve your conversion rates.

PPC For the Service Sector : We can also engineer an effective yet affordable campaign to enhance your performance as a service provider. From medical businesses to pharmaceuticals to IT to marketing, we know how to capitalize on competitive keywords for the benefit of our clients.

B2B PPC Services : The vast majority of B2B companies now do business exclusively online. However, appealing to prospective B2B clients is somewhat different than appealing to the everyday consumer. We understand and acknowledge the complexities of B2B selling – our PPC advertising campaigns delivering superior results at an unbeatable price.

Whatever type of business you run and however ambitious your objectives may be, we’re standing by to kickstart your success story. Contact Melinkos today to book your obligation-free consultation with one of our experts.

Why Choose Melinkos for PPC?

Here at Melinkos, we acknowledge the competition among specialist PPC agencies. That’s why we offer every client an extensive list of assurances, including but not limited to the following:

Unrivalled PPC Experience : We’ve been providing bespoke PPC services for demanding businesses across India for more than a decade. Trust us when we say nobody knows the face of contemporary PPC better than us.

Competitive Pricing : Every PPC project we undertake is tailored to meet the client’s preferences and budget. We’ll do whatever it takes to transform your marketing spend into an outstanding ROI.

Total Flexibility : From one-off consultancy to ongoing campaign development and optimization, we pride ourselves in offering the most flexible and accessible agreements in India.

Measurable Results : We strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. That’s why we base the success of our PPC on measurable, trackable results for our clients’ businesses.

Friendly and Approachable Staff : Each member of the Melinkos team has been selected on the basis of their knowledge, their experience and their professional attitude. You won’t find a more approachable PPC team in India!

Don’t waste time and money on a Pay Per Click marketing strategy that doesn’t deliver the results you deserve. Contact Melinkos and discover a more dynamic approach to cost-effective PPC advertising.

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