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Graphic Design Services

From logo design to website UX and animations, our experienced graphic design team has you and your business covered. Melinkos provides a complete catalogue of bespoke graphic design services at affordable prices.

India’s Leading Graphic Design Team

Every digital and physical material you produce to promote your brand should be a unique work of art. Standing out from the crowd means creating a cohesive brand image, reflected in your logo, your business cards, your brochures and your website.

Here at Melinkos, we offer a complete suite of graphic design services for small and large business worldwide. With our help, every lead you encounter will be presented with an engaging and memorable snapshot of your brand. Showcase your products, your services and your brand’s USP in a way that separates you from the competition.

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Complete Graphic Design Expertise

We’ll provide the complete suite of graphic design services your business needs to grow its online and offline presence. Our core areas of expertise include the following:

Logo Design Services

Let Melinkos design an eye-catching, unmistakable logo for your business from scratch. Our bespoke business logo design services Ensure your business is presented as credible, relevant and authoritative, with a logo that delivers a powerful message about your brand.

Brochure Design Services

A high-quality brochure is a convenient, travel-sized marketing material with the power to showcase your entire business to the world. For a brochure to meet its objectives, it must be attention-grabbing, engaging and impossible for the reader to put down.

Business Card Design Services

The essence of your business and your brand’s primary message, right there in the palm of your hand. Business cards aren’t just about exchanging contact information – they’re an all-round measure of your professionalism and value in the eyes of the recipient.

Additional Graphic Design Services

We create bespoke graphic design solutions from scratch, built around our clients’ objectives, priorities and budgets. Addition services covered by Melinkos include:

Logo Cleanup

Reboot your current logo with a quick clean and polish, or transform it into something completely new. A simple and affordable refresh that could make all the difference.


Research has demonstrated the power, influence and engagement of quality infographics. Present your content in a manner that hooks your audience and boosts viral potential.

Web Banners

The way your web banners are both presented and positioned has a dramatic impact on their value. Maximize the impact of your digital marketing materials with our help.


Like any brochure or catalogue, the way you present your menu items will have a huge impact on interest and sales. Present a menu that keeps them hungry for more.


Commission the development of an eBook in your name and generate a secondary revenue stream, or provide your customers with a helpful resource for free.

Animation and Video Design

Breathe life into your digital assets with our bespoke animation and video design services. Create an immersive experience and boost engagement with dynamic moving imagery

UX and Web Design

Nothing matters more than creating a powerful visual representation of your brand for today’s web user. Every page of your website should boost your brand image and instantly differentiate you from your competitors.

The Melinkos digital design team will create a bespoke UX for your brand from scratch, built to satisfy your objectives, your target audience and your budget. A distinctive website and UX are essential for ensuring you stand out and from the crowd and gain a competitive edge.

Don’t settle for templates or prefabricated websites – create an online image that’s as unique as your business.

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Melinkos is committed to pressure-free, obligation-free consultancy for business owners and entrepreneurs at all levels. Whether running a one-person ecommerce business or a much larger international company, our complete graphic design services have you covered.

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